2013 Project 52

Friday, June 29, 2012


A few things overheard in our house over the last few months...

Calder, age 5
"I like your necklace, Mommy.  And I like your whole body."
"I just got a foreheadache."
"I just learned something from my brain."
"Tessa loves daddy a billion and she loves you a million."
"I hope this house is as clean as possible when I get home!"

Mommy: "How was your day?"
Calder: "11% good."

And...I hope I never forget that at age 5, he calls handcuffs "handcoppers".  I love that! 

"Oh my mackeral!"
"Mommy, take your baby off your milk."
"One day, Christian put carrots on my plate.  That not nice!"
"Grrrrrrr!"  (When giving bear hugs.)

Tessa:  "Mommy, I want to see your booboo."
Mommy:  "I can't show it to you because its inside my head."
Tessa: "Oh.  Maybe one day you'll take off your hair and I'll see your booboo."

"I don't want to go home!  I don't like our home!  I don't like my room!  I want to go to the White House!  I want to sleep there with the Easter Bunny!"

"Eeny meeny miney mo,
catch a tiger by his toe
If you holler, by his toe
Eeny meeny miney mo. "

At age 3, she calls McDonalds "Old McDonalds" and breakfast "breaksist".  She calls a lock a "locker" and a hook a "hooker". :)

And, my most favorite recent Tessa story requires a little bit of back story.  Calder is a super deep sleeper, so he still has trouble staying dry at night.  We recently figured out that we should just wake him up before we go to bed to have him go to the bathroom one more time.  Before that, we were changing A LOT of sheets. So, one day I was changing the sheets on OUR bed.  Tessa walks in and says "Oh. You guys peed?"  


Wild Family said...

Thanks for the belly giggle laugh about the story of Tessa saying you guys peed your bed!! Ahhh that is really to funny! my eyes are watering :)

Susannah said...

Best post ever! You are so great about remembering all those funny lines and stories. The peeing story is just too good. :) And Isaac is still in a pull-up at night, too. Fortunately, we have gotten beyond the peeing-THROUGH-a-pull-up-and-THEN-having-to-change-the-sheets phase. Not fun!