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Friday, May 18, 2012

15 months

Alyse is 15 months old already! She is not yet walking...but she's starting to get there.  She pulls herself up on everything, and takes steps when you hold her hands. And she can climb steps like nobody's business.  At her 15 month well visit, she finally broke the 20 lb mark! 

Although not walking, she is talking quite a bit.  Words she says:  cracker, Mama, Dada, Tessa, Calder (sort of), no, more, vroom vroom, book, quack quack quack, dog, night night, bye, uh-oh, up, down, car (I'm sure I'm missing a few...)

Things she loves:
Balls, music, books, slides, drinking water, crackers, every fruit or berry in existence, baths, swimming, climbing steps, being chased, the bathroom, the refrigerator, pointing at pictures of her siblings, being naked, "walking" on her knees, throwing things, pulling hair, crawling on pavement (or mulch), brushing her hair, brushing her teeth.

Things she does not love:
Milk in a sippy cup, getting new teeth, having her diaper changed, getting dressed, hats, headbands, sand in her mouth.  

We love you Alyse-y Baby!  It is such a joy to watch you learn and grow each day.  You are so special to our family.

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