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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Building Bears

We celebrated Tessa's birthday at Build-a-Bear Workshop.  What a super fun place for a party!  An overwhelming number of friends from daycare came and we had a whopping 17 kids!!  The staff at Build-a-Bear was really great though and everything went smoothly. Tessa was pretty shy and wasn't crazy about being the center of attention, but she did have a fun time building her new doggy!

The best shot I could get of her and her sweet friend Sydney.

Bath time for bears!

So happy with his ninja bear!

Before they sewed up all of the bears, they did a really cute 'heart ceremony'.  The party leader threw out handfuls of hearts into the crowd, and each child was told to select 2 hearts. 

Then the kids had to rub the hearts all over their bodies - for example, on their ears so the bear would be a good listener..
and on their muscles so the bear would be strong!  When they were done, each child kept one heart for their own bear and gave one heart to Tessa's dog.  It was sooo cute to see all the little ones bringing their hearts to Tessa.  Her doggie has a LOT of hearts!

Not so successful attempt at a group photo!

Afterwards, we headed down to the food court for pizza and cake.  We were so thankful for Zaidy, the pizza man!

Cake time!  Tessa was so shy when everyone sang Happy Birthday.  She closed her eyes the entire time and sunk into Dave's lap. 

Hugs from daddy after the trauma!

Who likes presents?

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