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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Our big boy is a kindergartner! So far he is really loving it and enjoys being a Rockin' Robin. His teacher seems great, and we are looking forward to an exciting year. Because of our work schedules, he's enrolled in before and after care at school. I was kind of worried that he wouldn't like it, but so far it is his favorite part of the day! What's not to love about a room filled with games and legos as well as extra recess time?

He did amazing on the first day. We got to school a little early so that we could go check out the SACC (before/after care) room and then we walked to his classroom together. He was getting a little clingy in SACC, but once we arrived in his classroom the excitement took over! While I was the one getting teary-eyed, he found his seat at the 'yellow bear' table and immediately sat down and started working on a matching game that his teacher had left for him -- totally ready to get on with this kindergarten business!  He did ask for an extra hug and kiss before I left though... That's my sweet boy!

He apparently already got a lesson in time management.  Every day during the first week, the first thing he told me upon picking him up was that he didn't have enough time to eat his lunch.  Now that he's in week 2, he seems to have figured out that more eating and less talking = full tummy.  And a lesson in responsibility came when he "lost" his lunch bag and was devastated because he thought it was gone forever.  In reality, he left it in his classroom, forgetting to bring it with him to SACC.  He was thrilled to get it back the next day. 

Although he loves school, he wasn't the least bit upset when he had his first "snow day" -- the first week of school! We had a crazy amount of rain due to Hurricane Lee, so many of the area's roads were flooded. Hey, who doesn't love a good snow day?

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