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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Since Calder and Tessa were both sick when Alyse first came home, we didn't allow them to hold her right away.  This past weekend, they finally got their chance!  Tessa got to go first...and she was beyond excited. She giggled and squealed the whole time! 

She now asks to hold her constantly!  And she definitely has to be monitored very closely near the baby.  She is all about touching Alyse all over (not so gently) and putting her face about a half inch from Alyse's.  It's all out of love, but it makes Mommy and Daddy a little nervous!

Here's the live action shot: 

Big Sister from courtney on Vimeo.

Check out this proud brother!  He is sooooo sweet and gentle with Alyse.  He touches her very softly and is really good about following our instructions on which parts are ok to touch (feet and top of head) and which are not (hands and face).  

He was beaming the entire time that he held her, and I think he was even a little nervous about doing it "right".

Here's Calder on video.  It's hard to tell on the video, but he wanted to kiss her so bad, but didn't know if he should/could.  So, he was "kissing" the air in her direction.  Cute!

Big Brother from courtney on Vimeo.

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Kendra said...

You have an ABSOLUTELY beautiful family! I love that you could hear Calder in the video blowing his baby sister kisses! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!! Congratulations on such a precious gift!