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Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Came!

The kids were beyond spoiled by Santa and other relatives (and maybe a bit by mommy and daddy too).  Calder was SO excited when he finally woke up (a Christmas cold led him to sleep in over an hour past his normal wake up time!)  He found the sled that Santa left for him and started tearing into his stocking right away.  He was so excited and thankful for every little thing.  When he found an orange in his stocking he exclaimed "Look, Mommy!  A new orange!!" 

Sparkly shoes for Tessa!

Batcave!  One of his favorite gifts.

Tessa loves her new baby doll accessories.  As soon as Daddy put the stroller together, she put her doll in it, put her purse on her arm, waved goodbye and said "See you later!" as she trotted off into the kitchen.

Calder put Zaidy to work with one of his new transformers.

Another favorite gift -- a space shuttle and station from Uncle Sean and Aunt Vandana!

Tessa feeds her new baby doll. 

Christmas bedtime hugs!

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