2013 Project 52

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Latest Installment of Calder-isms

I love love love the things that come out of a 3-year old's mouth.  Where do they get this stuff!!??

"God is good at making things.  Bob the Builder is good at fixing them."

"On your market, get set, go!"

"Where are the constructions for the game?"

Calder: "Mommy, why are you shaking your head?"
Mommy:  "Because you ask a LOT of questions, Calder..."
Calder:  "Yep! And I have lots of ideas too."

I've been trying to make a point about giving him 'ownership' of the good things that he does.  So, I find myself saying "You must be so proud of yourself!  You did XYZ!" a lot.  So, I said this to him last night.  His reply?  "Yep. I love myself.  I love me." 

And, while playing with a toy cash register, he asked "Where is the goody card that goes with this toy?"  After much confusion, I eventually figured out that he was talking about a credit card.  I really kinda like that one.  I think I'll start calling them goody cards too.  :)


Wild Family said...

That is so cute! Reese's new word is ( and i am not sure it is a word, and if it is not sure what it means) compilation she says " I need to do my compilations"

Wild Family said...

ok it is a word, but not sure how she would know what it meant!