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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We've had a rough week here.  Tessa gave us a quite a scare with 4 straight days of a 103 fever.  She did not have a single additional symptom aside from being insanely irritable.  (Actually, the irritability was going on for 4 days before she even got the fever.)  She managed to even stump her pediatricians who, after lots of poking, prodding and a battery of tests, were pretty convinced she had a bacterial infection...until her fever did not respond to 3 days worth of strong antibiotics.  It was so incredibly frustrating to not have any answers for why our baby girl was so sick.  Finally on Monday, at our 3rd pediatrician visit in 4 days, the doctor noticed that some little white spots had appeared on her throat.  Finally a clue!  Turns out her illness was viral in nature after all, and she really turned a corner today.  It is so wonderful to see her acting like herself again!

On top of all that, Calder had a mole removed from his scalp this morning.  We first consulted a specialist about it last summer...and for a number of reasons it's taken this long to get it done.  The doctor is 99%+ sure that it is benign, but because of it's size and location, he recommended that we have it removed and biopsied.  So, although it was considered minor surgery, it was still very nerve-racking for us since he had to go under general anesthesia.  In preparation for today, we've been playing a new doctor game where we all take turns playing the doctor, nurse and patient.  Calder always likes to play the doctor, since the doctor gets to administer the "sleepy air" and then kiss the boo-boo while the patient is sleeping.  Let's just say he wasn't such a fan of being on the patient end of the sleepy air today.  But, the surgery was quick and everything went as expected.  (We'll have the final results in about 2 weeks.)  We were back home just over 2 hours after the surgery started!  He'll just have a small little scar, which will mostly be covered by his hair.  Having surgery today didn't keep him down at all -- he was running around the backyard playing soccer this afternoon!

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Susannah said...

Glad to hear things went well today with Calder's surgery! I'd been thinking about you all.

Hope everyone is feeling back to normal very soon!!