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Thursday, August 13, 2009

7 Months!

Our little girl is 7 months old today. I think she has changed and grown so much this past month. She's starting to demand a lot more attention and she's showing a few signs of separation anxiety -- crying if Mommy or Daddy leave the room. She's finally mastered the whole sitting thing, although she seems to be getting bored with staying in one spot. Lucky for me, she hasn't quite figured out how to move anywhere yet. From a sitting position or laying on her tummy, she'll bounce her legs up and down, up and down, hoping that will somehow propel her forward. It's so cute.

She hates food. Well, maybe 'hate' is a bit strong...since she will occasionally eat fruit and yogurt...but just try to put a vegetable in her mouth and you're asking for a fight. Peas? No. Green Beans? No Way. Avocado? Heck No! Carrots? Nope. Squash? Puh-lease. Sweet Potatoes? Well, maybe. Well, at least there's that. :) For as much as she hates food, you wouldn't believe everything she tries to put in her mouth. Anything she can get her hands on -- clothes, toys, paper, you name it! Just not food!

She adores Lucky and her big bro. Dave and I have so much fun watching them together, and we hope it just continues to get better. We are all so blessed to have this darling baby in our lives!

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Wild Family said...

Wow! I can not believe she is 7 months! time is flying!!!